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Mutual fund schemes with high returns across various categories over different time periods. Find schemes starting with just Rs.100

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Investors are always interested to know about the mutual funds which offer the best return on investment. Looking at this need, we have come up with a fund screener which you may use to arrive at the best return mutual funds. In this, we showcase star-rated funds by leading rating agencies i.e. Morningstar, CRISIL and Value Research. You can filter the funds based on the broad categories namely equity , balanced , tax saver and debt . Within each category, you can view funds as per the name, minimum investment, fund size and returns.

How do you select the right fund?

Selecting the right fund may seem like a task sometimes; but not anymore. With our fund screener, you can analyse the funds on various parameters to make an informed decision. You need to consider them while keeping your goals and risk tolerance in mind. Before finalising a fund, examine the fund performance based on the fund returns for various durations i.e. from 1 month to 5 years. This way you will know if the fund has performed consistently across different time horizons. You may also consider the star ratings to assess the reliability of fund performance. The higher the ratings, the more reliable is the fund performance.

Which is the best way to invest in Mutual Funds?

SIPs have been regarded as the best way to invest in Mutual Funds. You not only learn to save regularly but also to invest in a disciplined manner. However, while treading on your investment path, you may come across market swings every now and then. But this should not scare you to exit the fund or stop you from investing. Like every smart investor, you should remain goal-oriented and stick to your investment horizon. Your chances of wealth accumulation would be higher when you would stay committed to your SIPs.
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