We suggest you go through our policies carefully, and keep visiting for updates.

We strive to provide our users with a delightful experience and best in-class customer support.

Please reach out to our team using the channels detailed below in case of any queries or feedback. Our customer support team will strive to resolve any issues on best-effort basis.

Grievance Redressal
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王者荣耀数据赛事入口 Money is an intermediary and works with different AMCs and its RTAs for purpose of execution of investment decisions of investors. Our ability of providing customer service and addressing a customer’s query depends a lot on the information that we have and we address all issues on best effort basis to provide a delightful experience to our customers.

Level 1
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If a Customer has any grievances / complaints, the Customer can approach Customer Support help desk via the “customer support” tab in the app or via .

Level 2
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If the customer’s issue is unresolved after a period of 15 days from the date of first raising the issue at Level 1 or if the customer is not satisfied with the response provided at Level 1, the Customer may, post completion of a 15 day period from the date of first raising the issue at Level 1, write to the Compliance Officer at:

The Compliance Officer
王者荣耀数据赛事入口 Money Limited,
The Hub,
8/2, Sarjapur Main Road,
Ambulipura Village,
Varthur Hobli,
Bengaluru - 560103

Note: If any case needs additional time, 王者荣耀数据赛事入口 Money will inform the customer the reasons for the delay and provide expected timelines for resolution of the issue.

If the complaint is not resolved at Level 2, or if the customer is not satisfied with 王者荣耀数据赛事入口 Money’s grievance redressal, the customer may, approach SEBI at: The process for approaching SEBI is provided below:

Go to and click on “Complaint Registration” under “Investor Corner”.
Fill the complaint registration form containing personal details.
Provide the complaint details.
Ensure that you fill the mandatory fields on the form.
Select the correct complaint category, entity name, nature of complaint.
Provide complaint details in brief (up to 1000 characters).
A PDF document (up to 2MB of size for each nature of complaint) can also be attached along with the complaint as supporting document.
On successful submission of complaint, a system generated unique registration number will be displayed on the screen which may be noted for future correspondence. An email acknowledging the complaint with complaint registration number will also be sent to the email id entered in the complaint registration form. In case, you are not able to register a complaint online, you can send your complaint through post to any of the SEBI offices whose addresses are given at SEBI Website on :
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